Services Offered

Midwest Print Solutions is proud to offer the following services to our customers.


If you are experiencing issues with your current systems and getting no resolution from the manufacturer we are able to assist you. We will come in and work on your behalf offering technical advice. The first meeting consists of us addressing your concerns. Then we will work with the manufacturer directly to get you a resolution.

Engineering Assistance:

Many of our customers don't have the engineering resources available for future projects. We are able to meet with you and discuss the scope of the project. We are able to work with the chosen manufacturing company and drive the project to completion.

Press Maintenance:

Our qualified technicians are able to come to your facility and do a full analysis of your equipment. Upon completion of our analysis our technicians will identify components that need replacing and provide installation of items if they are on hand.

Schedule of Charges for Techical Services


Service Rate

Explanation of Charges


$120.00 USD

8- Hour day Monday – Friday

Minimum Local Charges

$550.00 USD

Monday through Friday


$150.00 USD

All work in excess of 8 hours per day Monday – Friday; all day Saturday

Sundays and Holidays

$175.00 USD

Sunday and Holiday Labor

Transportation Meals & Hotels

Actual Cost

All cost for round trip airfare, car rental, taxi, etc.; meals, incidentals, living accommodations

Travel Time

$80.00 USD

Monday through Friday

Travel Sunday’s and Holidays

$95.00 USD

US Holidays and Sunday’s

Other Terms and Conditions:

  • All rates are hourly

  • Terms are subject to credit approval

  • Terms: Net 10 days